Lighting hire

We have all of your lighting needs available to hire for any look you are hoping to create.


For a full broncolor equipment list click here

1.2 x 1.8m softbox

New style rectangular softbox


1.2 x 1.8M softbox+blackout

New style rectangular softbox with blackout


60 x 60cm softbox

New style square softbox


30 x 110cm strip

Older style strip box with sides


80 x 80cm EM softbox

Old style square softbox with sides


80 x 140cm softbox

Old style rectangular softbox


Bowens Octo 150

Bowens 150 indirect Octobox modified to accept Broncolor Pulso heads. (used
with the megaboom or roller stand)


150cm Octo

New style 150cm octo


beauty box 65cm

New soft box Beauty dish


Elinchrom Litemotiv 120 for broncolor

Large deep Octobox from Elinchrom with Broncolor mounting bracket (can be mounted on a regular stand or a roller stand)


Octo 75cm

New style 75cm octo


octo 75cm+grid

75cm octo & new style soft grid for 75cm octo


4 Leaf Barn door for P70

4 flap barn doors (also the holder for P70 gels)


Color Gels for P70

12 coloured gel set


Grid set For P70

3 grid set for P 70 Standard Reflector


beauty dish

52cm dia reflector (white interior)


grid beauty dish

Standard Grid for Softlight Reflector or Beauty Dish


Hazy Light

Older Product Photography light (head 1 has 2 tubes) on stand


Para 88

Create fabulous looks with the Para 88 Broncolor. 



Long narrow reflector



Standard Reflector


Pulso G3200

3200J Standard head with standard P70 reflector


Pulso Gtwin 3200

3200J twin bulb head with standard P70 reflector


Unilite 3200

3200J Unilite Head with standard P70 reflector


Siros 800L

1 Siros 800L battery powered strobe, (includes 1 battery plus 1 additional battery and a battery charger)


Scoro A4S

3200J Floor pack ( 3 head outlets)


scoro A2S

1600J Floor pack ( 3 head outlets) 



For a full Elinchrom equipment list click here

21cm reflector+grids

Standard 21cm silver reflector with 4 grid set


Xlite 75 x 150cm

Rectangular Softbox with grid


44cm Sq Reflector

Reflector inc grid


XLite 150cm adjustable

 Elinchrom para


XLite 165cm Silver

Silver Interior Umbrella


XLite 165cm White

White Interior Umbrella


XLite 65cm soft beauty and grid

Soft Beauty dish with grid


XLite 65cm soft beauty

Soft Beauty dish


rotalux 30 x 150cm and Grid

Stripbox with grid


70cm Octo

70cm octo (no grid)


beauty dish 44cm

44cm beauty dish


beauty dish+scrim

44cm Beauty dish + scrim


D-Lite 4 it

This is a 2 head kit and is recommended for use in our Portrait studio. Special price in addition to studio hire


ELC1000 Pro

Elinchrom 1000J monoblock


Skyport basic

Transmitter to control ELC Pro heads



Transmitter to control ELC Pro heads


New Skyport

Transmitter to control ELC Pro heads


Skyport Remote

Transmitter to control ELC Pro heads



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