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Intro into Studio photography 

An actioned packed 3 hour workshop with studio specialist Gary Moore. With the awesome additional opportunity to hone your skills in the afternoon with our Into in Studio Photography Extension 1pm – 3pm.

Gary Moore has worked as a teacher for over 20 years and now he takes every moment to help guide and shape the next generation of photographers.

In case that hasn’t convinced you of this amazing workshop here’s some more specifics for you:

The “Intro to Studio Photography” Workshop

• 3 hour workshop 9am – 12pm
• Targeting beginners to studio work and those who may have done a couple of studio shoots but don’t understand what is going on
• The workshop is broken into 2 parts, theory and a practical shooting session approx. 50/50 time split
• During the theory section, a lot of types lights and modifiers are shown ( due to the studio having a substantial equipment list )
• The practical session focuses mostly on using one lights source and exploring the potential with that one light.
• The role of different modifiers is also emphasised during the practical session
• Model for the workshops is the gorgeous new model Kayla.
• participants only need to bring their camera / lens and a clear memory card.

Cost is $120 and there are only 12 spots available so book fast to avoid missing out!

Extension shooting session is an additional $80. 

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9am -12pm

Extension Shooting Session

1pm – 3pm

Next Workshop

Sun 24th April 2022

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Portfolio Builder workshop ( Date to be set )

Want to build up your studio portfolio and gain more experience in studio photography? Are you starting out and need images to help you grow your business? Maybe a MUA keen to practise studio shooting?!

Our Portfolio Builder Workshop will give you the opportunity to shoot agency level models in a professional studio with a range of professional lighting. This 6 hour workshop is focused on practical shooting, where you walk away with images of at least 4 different models at a fraction of the cost of what you would have to pay to do this on your own. Up to 12 different lighting setups will be used on the day giving you maximum variety.


9.30am – 12.30pm


1.30pm – 4.30pm

Next Workshop

 Date to be announced


Next level studio workshop  

Join in this workshop to explore some of the more advanced features of studio photography and studio lights.

 You will learn about and experience practical shooting in the following:

 – Short flash duration to freeze movement – you will learn how to achieve freezing of movement using the shortest flash duration of various strobe lights, discus the trade-offs of this kind of work and do a practical shoot dropping objects into a fish tank.

– Multiple light setups. – here you will explore 2 and 3 light setups including a classic sports style edge light setup.  The focus will be on building your set up one light at a time to achieve the result.

 – Gels – Add colour to your images by using studio gels ( coloured transparent plastic) to create subtle to full on fill colour images. You will be exploring lighting both the model and background in this section.

 – HHS – learn how to use HHS in your location shoots to create darker moody scenes at any time during the day.  This does require brand specific triggers, currently we can only accommodate Canon, Nikon and Sony camera users.

 This is a 3 hour workshop will have theory and practical shooting exercises intermixed throughout the 3 hour session.


9.30am – 12.30pm

Next Workshop

Sun 1st May 2022

Intermediate & Advanced Tuition


1. Portrait Photography – Maybe you’re amazing at outdoor portrait photography and need a little help getting yourself sorted in the studio. Then this is the definitely for you. Get settled in the studio and pick up some awesome tips on lighting and staging.

2. E Commerce Photography – Learn the delicate art of e commerce photography with correct lighting setups, model placement, staging. 

 3. Studio Photography – Have you been taking fantastic outdoor photos and are now wanting to step into the amazing, creative world of studio photography? This is definitely for you! You can be coached on amazing lighting setups, gel lights, top down lighting, model placement and staging. 

4. High Speed Sync – Get much greater control over your image and lighting to allow you to shoot with faster shutter speeds with studio strobes generally used for a more controlled outdoor shoot. 

5. Complex & Creative Lighting – Learn how to create multi light setups or explore edge lighting and gel lights to give your images that next level in creativity! 

6. Capture Still Motion – Using the flash duration to freeze motion in a studio environment to capture amazing impossible images

All One on One Tuition is charged at $100 per hour and includes the required studio spaces and lighting setups.

Beginner Tuition classes

1. Camera Basics – get to know your way around your camera, learn about lighting and how it interacts and effects your camera and therefore your images. Learn how to control the settings and therefore the design of your photos.

2. Different Photography Styles – As the next step to your camera basics lessons take your photography to the next level and go in depth with the camera modes and the various styles of photography they create.

3. Creating the Images you want – Now that got the essentials under your belt it’s time to put it into practice and learn how to create informed choices on how to get the photos you are trying to achieve. Bring together lighting, lenses, time of day and composition.


All One on One Tuition is charged at $100 per hour and includes the required studio spaces and lighting setups. 

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8am – 6pm


8am – 6pm



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