Classes & Workshops

Do you have a desire to learn photography? Or maybe your already on your way but love furthering your knowledge and education… our workshops and one on one tuition is defintely for you!

Upcoming Workshops

Intro to Studio Photography


A fabulous workshop for a variety of photography levels. Haven’t shot in professional studios before but wanting to dip your toes in the water? This is the workshop for you!

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Paul Tran Studio Lighting Workshop

Sat 16th July 2022

Join Paul Tran at Warehouse Studios for this once only studio workshop presenting an insight into his approach to  photographing models in studio. 

The workshop includes an active shooting session for participants using some of his favourite lighting setups.

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Next level Studio


Take you skill and knowledge to a new level by learning advanced techniques like multiple light setups, gels, HHS, movement freezing.

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Photography One on One Tuition

 Start with absolutely no prior knowledge beyond the iPhone or start with a great deal of photographic knowledge, we have classes and workshops available to suit your needs. With our One on One tuition you will be learning from Gary Moore who has been a teacher for over 22 years and has now moved his passion of teaching to photography. Which means you get an awesome insight into the world of photography in a way you can understand it! 

Intro & Beginner Classes

Camera Basics

Learn your way around the camera, lighting and how it reacts with the camera, control the various camera modes.

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Different Photography Styles

Go in depth with the camera modes and the various styles of photography they create.


Creating the images you want

 Now you’ve got the essentials under your belt, it’s time to put it in practice and learn how to create informed choices on how to get the photos you are trying to achieve. Lighting, lenses, time of day etc


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Intermediate & Advanced Classes

Portrait Photography

Starts: Februrary 6th

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E Commerce Photography

How to setup the studio and get the most out of your model, lighting and staging

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Studio Photography

Take the leap into the amazing creative world of studio photography. Learn your way around the various lighting setups and how to create the perfect controlled environment.

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High Speed Sync

Get much greater control over your image and lighting to allow you to shoot with faster shutter speeds with studio strobes generally used for a more controlled outdoor shoot.

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Complex & Creative Lighting

Learn how to create multi light setups or explore edge lighting and gel lights to give your images that next level in creativity!

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Capture Still Motion

Using the flash duration to freeze motion in a studio environment to capture amazing impossible images

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Made by Students

From the Participants

Gary’s Intro to Studio Photography workshop gave me the confidence to progress from self taught natural light photographer to a professional photographer who can now offer a much broader range of products to my clients. I was fearful of what I didn’t know, but no question was too silly for Gary, and he was happy to repeat the information I needed to solidify my learning. Photography for me is an art of continual learning and I’m fortunate to have Gary and his extensive knowledge available to support that learning when required. Highly recommend the ‘Intro to Studio Photography Workshop’. Incomparable value for money.

-Carrie McLeod

I didn’t have the first idea on how to take a good photo or use my new camera for that matter. I took Gary’s one on one tutition and within a couple of sessions had a really great understanding not only how to use my camera competently but how to use light and my surroundings to my favour.

I’ll definitely be making these lessons a regular thing!

-SeAnn Pitman